BGS Company History

BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1981 by Dr. Lothar Wiesner in Wiehl, near Gummersbach, Germany. His business idea: to provide first-class advice and services in using new radiation technology for industry, because this technology is too costly and too complex for many enterprises to consider.

Today, BGS is owned by the families of Kotz (Wiehl) and Fissler (Idar-Oberstein). Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki is Managing Director since 2008.

BGS Company Milestones:

1981Company founded
19830.56 MeV and 3.0 MeV electron accelerators go into operation
1986First Cobalt-60 gamma plant built in Wiehl
Bruchsal becomes the second location of BGS, with a 4.5 MeV electron accelerator
19931.5 MeV electron accelerator goes into operation in Wiehl
1997New 5 MCi Cobalt-60 gamma plant in Wiehl goes in operation
1998Implementation of a 2.5 MeV electron accelerator in Wiehl
2000Saal an der Donau becomes BGS’s third location, with a 10 MeV electron accelerator for the highly-automated irradiation of packaged goods
2002Construction of a new 10 MeV electron accelerator for the irradiation of items measuring up to 12m x 1.60m in Bruchsal
2008Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki appointed as Managing Director
2009Construction of a new 5 MeV accelerator for the irradiation of pipes and cables in Saal an der Donau
2010Expansion of a new logistics centre with approx. 8.500 sqm. in Saal a.d. Donau
2011Expansion with a new logistics centre for sterile goods in Wiehl
2013Introduction of a new ERP-software, providing full process integration on all sites
2014Installation of a modern high-throughput handling system for automated handling of packed, sterile goods in Saal, doubling the plant’s capacity
2015Installation of a new 150 kW, 3,0 MeV multi-purpose accelerator in Wiehl, providing additional capacities for the irradiation of drummed goods