At BGS you will find the highly motivating working environment of a growing, mid-sized, family owned business. An advantage of our flat hierarchies is, that you will still have impact on influencing decisions. We will quickly give responsibility to our skilled people, and expect them to take over responsibility to make the best of their potential.

We aim to encourage and reward outstanding performance, and we are committed to providing market competitive compensation and benefits.

As we work with a technology rapidly developing into new applications, you will find a workplace, where you will be taking part in new developments regularly, which requires flexibility and an eagerness to learn.

At BGS we recognize that our employees are the most important resource we have. We are committed to the training and development of our workforce to ensure that they have the necessary skills for not only their job but also for their potential next role. We encourage open communication and a culture of critical feedback, as this is the driver for development of the individual as well as the organization.

As a provider of outsourced sterilization services, we are strongly regulated by our awarding bodies and we ensure that our employees are fully trained to the required standard, across all of our sites.

BGS is committed to promote a supportive and inclusive culture for all employees. We take care to provide equal employment opportunities. By integrating personal strengths, BGS will maximize efficiency and creativity to deliver greater value for the benefit of all employees.

To support our growth we are continuously looking for qualified and motivated employees. Please send your applications to email