Archives and documents

Archives and documents

Mould spores can settle anywhere, and spread in a matter of hours. If volumes, shelves of books or whole archives are attacked by moulds, it is necessary to restore them at great expense, or even destroy them. Mould can also be harmful to health: contact allergies or respiratory infections develop when employees have contact with contaminated archives. Gamma irradiation eliminates obstinate moulds safely, fast, and completely. The materials are totally radiation-free after treatment.

Example of applications

  • Files
  • Paper archives and documents
  • Antiques (e.g. antique books)
  • Analogue and digital data carriers
  • Postal items for areas with high security and safety requirements

We cooperate with specialized service-providers who can collect the affected stock or perform manual dry cleaning after irradiation to remove the dead moulds from each book page. Danger to health and re-infestation are then excluded. We have established the processes to safely handle confidential documents.