About us

BGS in brief

Since its foundation in 1981 BGS is one of the pioneers of radiation technology using accelerated electrons (beta rays) and gamma rays. We are second to none in Europe in our mastery of the sophisticated processes involved in optimizing plastics and sterilizing products. Methods which are state-of-the-art today were also developed by BGS. Since then, the company has steadily grown into what is todays Germany’s biggest provider of radiation services. BGS is an independent medium sized company. For you, this means: flexibility in the organization of assignments, reliability in their realization and a comprehensive, all-round service. The quality and safety requirements for products in all sectors are increasing all the time. BGS offers tailored solutions for numerous branches of industry by precise application of the energy from beta or gamma rays. By this ‘upgrading’ process, we generate new fields of application, create saving potentials for your products, and become an important part of your value added chain. Utilising state-of-the-art processing equipment and IT-systems, we are able to provide highest quality standards to you without scarifying the flexibility to tailor our services to your needs. The plants at all three locations are configured differently, in order to enable them to deal with a wide range of products and different customer wishes. Nevertheless the ‘back-up’ principle applies: each of the locations is in a position to help process the orders of the others. In this way BGS makes an important contribution to production reliability.

Safety is the priority consideration at BGS

The types of rays we apply are a form of energy. For physical reasons, the products themselves cannot become radioactive. High-energy radiation optimizes the properties of a wide range of products. As this is a physical process, it runs without chemicals or residues on your products. Inside the plants, radiation is completely shielded by multi-level safety systems, so that our employees are safely protected from exposure to radiation.

Close to you and your customers:
Three BGS locations in Germany

BGS is present at three locations in Germany:

  • Wiehl: Headquarter near Cologne (Western Germany)
  • Bruchsal: Near Karlsruhe in South-West-Germany in proximity to French and Swiss border
  • Saal an der Donau: Near Munich (South Germany)

By its regional diversification, BGS ensures customer proximity. This brings advantages, not only for your logistics. BGS can focus closely on your products and your requirements!

Key figures

  • Company founded in 1981 and in private ownership
  • 8 ebeam units in a range from 0.5 to 10 MeV
  • Worldwide largest handling system for the ebeam treatment of products up to 12 x 1,6 m
  • 5 MCi Cobalt-60 gamma plant in Wiehl
  • Over 300.000 pallets of packed goods irradiated per year
  • Over 200.000.000 m of coiled products crosslinked per year
  • Within 200 km distance to major cities in Germany
  • More than 400 customers from 15 countries
  • Typical time of products from reception to delivery is less than 5 days
  • State of the art ERP system to optimise processes and link to our customers
  • More than 120 employees at 3 sites