Will my products be radioactive after the irradiation at BGS?
The energy levels used in the plants at BGS are too low to induce radioactivity in products. Due to physical reasons, the radiation only initiates chemical reactions in the products irradiated.
Is there a waiting time for products to be used after irradiation?
After the irradiation process, BGS checks by the dosimeters attached to the product, that the correct dose has been applied. After this, the products are ready for use without any waiting time.
What kind of packages can be used for the irradiation of my products?
The radiation applied by BGS acts through the packaging. There is a great flexibility of packaging types and materials, ranging from boxes, pouches, bags up to whole pallets. The consideration of the optimum packaging is of great importance to achieve a homogenous application of the dose and to have a good process efficiency. Key considerations are density in the packaging, numbers of units/pieces per packaging. As BGS is equipped to handle your products by automated systems, for cost reason this would be the preferred option. Our specialists will advise you in the options available.
At which temperatures the irradiation of my products takes place?
Depending on the doses applied, there will be no significant heat-up of the products during irradiation. At higher doses, typically required for cross-linking, a slight temperature increase will take place.
I am confused by the terms “MeV” and “kG(ra)y”. Can you explain these further?
The energy of the rays is expressed in millions of electron volts, which describes the strength of the electrical field to accelerate the electrons. It is directly correlated to the capability of the rays to penetrate solid matter. It is limited to a maximum of 10 MeV by the design of our plants, to avoid activation of products. The dose (or amount) of radiation is expressed by the unit Gray (Gy), which depends on the effect you want achieve by the radiation. For sterilization purposes, often a dose in the range of 25 kGy is sufficient, whereas for crosslinking doses higher than 100 kGy are required.
My products are currently sterilised in a gamma process. Is it possible to switch these to eBeam (beta) irradiation?
First of all, both types of radiation have the same result and are suitable for this purpose. If you consider transferring to eBeam treatment, a first check should be done if the density and packing schemes of your product are suitable for eBeam treatment. Our experts can assist you here. Then a new process validation (PQ) and parts of a microbiological validation have to be performed.
How long is the time from delivery to dispatch?
The standard cycle time in our plants is in the range from 5 to 10 days. Depending on volumes and utilisation of the plants, we can offer you express treatment within 48 hrs after special agreement.
In which forms can products be delivered for treatment in your plants?
Products can be packed items, items or raw materials as bulk or endless products as coiled cables, profiles or pipes. We accept standard industrial packages such as boxes on standard pallets, pallets, bulk goods in industrial returnable containers or coils on standard drums. We can also accept special forms such as pipes on transport racks or other forms. Please consult with your sales contact. Due to safety reasons, we will not accept inflammable liquids or pressurised containers in our processing plants.
What sizes and dimensions can be processed at BGS?
The standard delivery form is on Euro-pallets (80 x 120 cm), but it is possible to treat dimensions up to a maximum of 12 m * 1,6 m depending on weight and manageability.
Is treatment by eBeam limited to the surface of products?
No, depending on the density and the energy of the electron beam, penetration of the rays is as deep as several cm into solid matter. This allows a reliable modification of components with substantial material thickness, even containing metal components.
What is the reproducibility and reliability of a treatment by accelerated electrons?
BGS has developed equipment and maintenance systems to ensure a very high reliability of its plants. In most cases, redundant production lines are available, to ensure you a consistent, high availability of capacity for your production. Reproducibility of the eBeam-process is extremely high, as all parameters are a physical process, which are electrically controlled and documented.
Will BGS guarantee final properties of my products after the crosslinking process?
BGS will ensure you, that the dose and processing conditions for your product are met with the highest reproducibility. We are not able to guarantee final product properties to you, as this depends on many parameters outside of our control, such as processing parameters during production or fluctuations in the material quality or composition of plastic compounds.