Application Fields

Fields of Application for Radiation Sterilization

The spectrum of products, where contamination with micro-organisms is reduced to a safe level is very broad. At BGS, both beta and gamma rays are used to deliver reliably the safety level your products and applications require. It covers basically any application, where pathogenic germs cause danger to human or animal health or where micro-organisms have a detrimental effect: Medical devices, packaging for pharmaceutical products (API), equipment for biotechnological applications, raw materials, semiconductor production, cosmetics, consumer goods, pet food, and archived analogue documents. Our service provides much more than just irradiation: if wished, we support you already at the development stage. We assist you in choosing suitable materials for products and packaging, and deciding on packing schemes which will be optimal for sterilization later on. And of course the qualification, validation and related documentation of your products for the sterilization process. In this way we ensure the smooth running of all your process steps.