Medical devices and diagnostics

Medical devices and Diagnostics

In medicine, bioscience and pharmacy, the sterility requirements are established by numerous standards, laws and regulations. BGS holds the required Certificates and Licences of the stringent German Law on Medical Product and has many years’ experience in dealing with international accreditation bodies and licensing authorities such as the FDA. We can validate the irradiation process following your requirements to a given dose range.

Example of applications

Medical Devices

  • Implants and prostheses
  • Connectors and filters for dialysis
  • Catheters, canulas, blood tube systems
  • Surgical drapes, instruments and gloves
  • Dressings, stitching materials, hydrogels, wound management systems
  • Tube systems, e.g. for infusion and respiration therapy

Diagnostics Equipment

  • Blood sampling systems
  • Vessels for urine samples, stool sampling tubes
  • Petri dishes, microtiter plates, PCR trays, reagent vessels
  • Pipettes and pipette tips
  • Disposable syringes
  • Reagent vessels, handling and sampling materials