In all areas of modern life, people rely on products being free from pathogenic germs. For medical devices and in medical diagnostics, sterility is essential.

But also in many production processes of modern industry, sterile raw materials, equipment and packaging are indispensible in order to ensure reproducible results, consistent quality and a safe final product, for example :

  • semiconductor production,
  • biotechnology and food processing
  • manufacture of pharmaceutics and cosmetics

New challenges have arisen as a result of globalized trading flows. People naturally expect products that present no risk to their health. Disinfection by beta or gamma rays makes a significant contribution to the safety of bringing consumer goods onto markets with high hygienic standards, or when they are being exported to countries with stringent quarantine requirements.

Even under the best conditions of hygiene, the manufacture of a product, including its packaging, cannot result in a sterile state. For decades now we at BGS have been taking the responsibility for this sensitive step – from packaging materials and consumer goods, to highly-sensitive medical devices such as endoprostheses and implants.

Your advantage as a manufacturer:

Sterilization takes place inside the final packaging
as a second step on the way to the distribution warehouse or to final delivery
Your products are ready for delivery within a few hours
after dosimetric release, your products are ready for use without delay
Irradiation is a physical process
which takes place at room temperature
No chemicals are used
there is no problem with residues
As the partner of a wide range of industries, BGS also treats products for the food industry, for instance herbs and spices. Treatment of primary packaging before use avoids the situation where a micro organism is transferred from the packaging to the products (e.g. juices, milk products, medicines).