What our customers say

“BGS is always eager to find the best possible solution for us as customers. New challenges relating to our requirements are attacked offensively and solved without bureaucracy. Bottom line, BGS is a very good supplier and partner.”
Purchasing Manager, Manufacturer of construction materials, Germany
“For many years, we have prized BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG as a reliable and customer-oriented supplier. Even orders outside the routine are handled professionally. Communication with the order management is uncomplicated and runs smoothly. We also look forward with confidence to working with BGS in the years to come.”
Dr D., LASvendi GmbH
“For many years, BGS has been a reliable partner in the gamma sterilization of our medical products. During an inspection by the American health authorities (FDA) a few years ago, BGS spared no effort and contributed significantly to the successful passing of this inspection.”
Mr W., Company in the medical industry
“The high level of devotedness of the contact partners at BGS makes working with them very pleasant. Queries are handled quickly and they always try to meet the – sometimes quite demanding – wishes. The flexibility with which they react to requirements that arise from a product development project is most helpful, even in difficult situations. BGS is thus a reliable partner.”
Ms R., Company in the pharmaceutical industry
“In our cooperation with BGS, we appreciate the flexibility to fulfil special customer requirements, as well as the ability to handle customer orders reliably and accurately“.
Dimitra ROUSSOU, Becton Dickinson
“The things I appreciate most in the cooperation with BGS is the friendliness, competence and professionalism. Normative requirements are not concealed; rather, they reappear with the required earnestness in the process operations. The competence of the contact partners goes far beyond the spectrum of service delivery, which enriches the partnership cooperation. At BGS, one knows that the sterilization of medical products is a sensitive subject where potential deviations can lead to big problems in the market. The safety and reliability that BGS has reproduced on the system side in the order handling, as well as the selection of competent sub-suppliers, forms a high degree of reliability that lets a customer rest easy.”
Dr. H, Company in medical technology
“We are convinced of the technical competence and the regulatory knowledge of BGS and consider them to be very high. The regular orders are processed with very short processing time and always punctually. We are not aware of any delivery deadline delays.”
Mr. W., Company in the optical industry
“With BGS, we have found not only a competent but also a reliable partner that not only ensures the radiation of our medical products, but is also a wonderful support for us in all validation questions. An excellent support, always flexible and a friendly team ensures a smooth and uncomplicated cooperation.”
Mr. W., Gelita AG
“We’ve been connected with BGS in a year-long collaboration that is marked by mutual appreciation. Problems of any kind whatsoever can always be resolved in conversation. And even the personal contact, be it with the nice ladies of Disposition or with Mr Rausch, was very important to us. We could thereby e.g., find short-term solutions during peak order periods.”
Christian Kühl, REHAU AG + CO