Laboratory equpment and Biosciences

Laboratory equipment and Biosciences

In many areas, such as life sciences, pharmacy, clean room environments or micro-technology, equipment or disposables have to be free of micro-organisms, to ensure a controlled environment for sampling, testing or research and to avoid contamination of valuable product. The use of eBeam or gamma rays to provide only products of the highest hygienic standard is a growing application and has become an indispensable step in the manufacture of these devices.

Example of applications

Laboratory Equipment

  • Sampling and test systems
  • Petri dishes, microtiter plates, PCR trays, reagent vessels
  • Pipettes and pipette tips
  • Filtration and separation systems
  • Dosage systems
  • Disposable syringes

Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Research

  • Reagent vessels, handling and sampling materials
  • Container and dosage systems
  • Packaging materials
  • Raw materials
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Animal feed for research purposes
  • Culture media
  • Plant substrates
  • Pigments from mineral and vegetable sources
  • Enzymes
  • Preparations from vegetable and animal sources
  • Protective clothing