Watch the recordings of the BGS Irradiation Service Days now!

The BGS Irradiation Service Days 2021 have come to an end, but from now on you can watch the recordings of the live conferences and download our extensive download material. Register now and get access to all content until September 2022.

Location in Bruchsal: 2,700 square metres of new logistics space for sterile products

BGS continues to expand: Following around ten months of construction, we have now taken a new logistics hall into operation at the Bruchsal location and with this addition, more than doubled the previous space. More information in our news.

With radiation technology to TOP 100 innovator

For the third time in succession, BGS has secured its position among the best in the TOP 100 innovation challenge. You can read more about the projects and themes where we were able to score especially well here.

Whitepaper on radiation sterilization: request now

Which are the benefits of sterilization with beta and gamma rays? Which validation steps are necessary in detail and how they are carried out? Learn more in our white paper free of charge.

Radiation crosslinking webinar: watch now

What potential does radiation crosslinking hold for the automotive industry? How can the process be integrated into serial production and which economic benefits does radiation crosslinking offer? Find out more in our webinar recording!

White paper on radiation crosslinking: request now

How does radiation crosslinking work? Where can irradiated plastic components be used and what potential does radiation crosslinking hold for mobility? Learn more in our white paper free of charge.

BGS: Your reliable partner in times of the corona pandemic

As a specialist for radiation sterilization, we are an important partner for systemically relevant manufacturers and those industries in which the use of sterile products is essential. With great determination, we do our best every day at BGS to ensure the supply of the market with single-use products in the fight against the COVID-19 virus – promptly and in the accustomed high quality. Please read more.

Europe’s leading radiation service provider

Small cause – big effect

Innovative solutions for quick improvement of the value added to your pipes, tubes, cables, semi-conductors, plastic components and polymers.

Powerful plant logistics for just-in-time-delivery

Whether single boxes or entire pallets, your products will be processed in their packaging as quickly as possible, in less than five days, and depending on the type of order, even perhaps within one working day.

BGS: With cutting-edge radiation technology, experience and innovative spirit to the right solution

Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG, in short BGS, is among the pioneers in the industrial application of beta and gamma rays. With the help of ionizing radiation, we ensure that in our plants microorganisms on sensitive products which are harmful to health are destroyed fast, reliably and in an environmentally friendly manner. Since our foundation in 1981, we have thus been the preferred partner for all those industries where sterility is essential – for example, in the field of medical technology, in the pharmaceutical industry or biotechnology. For just as long, we have been active in the processing of plastics. Through the treatment with high-energy electron or gamma

radiation, we improve the material properties of inexpensive standard polymers in such a way that they become permanently more resistant to heat, wear and chemicals – and can replace significantly more expensive high-performance plastics. We are convinced that the potential of ionizing radiation and the possibilities of radiation crosslinking are by no means exhausted yet. Already now, we contribute to the promotion of lightweight construction in the mobility segment and support the safeguarding of the earth’s resources, because radiation crosslinked plastics replace rare and expensive raw materials. Let us work together on new ideas and solutions for future applications!

Quality & Certifications
Gamma & beta rays

BGS works with a quality management system according to ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. The system also fulfils the specification of EN ISO 11137 for the sterilization of health care devices. Learn more about the quality standards and certifications at BGS >>

Both beta as well as gamma rays are suitable for sterilization. The main difference between them lies in their penetration capabilities for materials and the dose rates. Learn more about the process here >>