Webinar “Radiation crosslinking for automotive industry”

Webinar “Potential of radiation crosslinking for the automotive industry”

Radiation crosslinking is an established procedure for the processing of plastics. Through the treatment with beta and gamma rays, the mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of bulk-produced and technical plastics are enhanced to such a degree that they take on the properties of high-performance plastics and are able to replace these in certain applications. This is an interesting as well as economically attractive development for the automotive industry in particular.

In order for irradiated components and elements to be used in serial production, radiation crosslinking has to be quickly and seamlessly integrated into existing process chains. We are going to show you how.

Take a look at our webinar recording now “Potential of radiation crosslinking for the automotive industry” and learn:

  • What lies behind the process technology of electron accelerators,
  • How ionising rays affect crosslinkable plastics,
  • How radiation crosslinking can be integrated into serial production,
  • Which economic benefits radiation crosslinking offer, and
  • In which areas of vehicle construction crosslinked components and elements are already being used.

Dipl.-Ing. Sebastian Schmitz, Key Account Manager Radiation Crosslinking at BGS will guide you through the webinar.

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