Process implementation / consulting & training

New approaches for unresolved problems

The treatment with ionizing rays offers many possibilities for the solution to your problems. We are able to influence the properties of your materials at a molecular level as well as the interaction between different materials and their interfaces. Thus, we often find surprising results which cannot be achieved with conventional processes. Our specialists have many years of experience in a wide spectrum of applications and materials. It is our incentive to find the most cost-effective solution for your material requirements together with you.

Profitability and cost optimisation

BGS has been active in the field of radiation treatment of materials since the beginning of the 1980s. Meanwhile, the treatment with ionizing rays has developed into an industrialized, simply applicable technology that offers unique advantages to our customers. The radiation costs are significantly influenced by the choice of materials and the radiation dose, as well as the logistics and handling costs in our process. By choosing the right packaging and packing schemes, the processes are able to be optimized and costs can be reduced. Products, which allow automated processing, are eligible for faster and therefore more cost-efficient processing. We will be pleased to advise you in order to find the most efficient way to treat your products.

Project cooperation

In many cases, radiation treatment of materials results in immediate and fast solutions for your material requirements. In other industries, high safety requirements and complex interactions lead to longer development times and numerous optimisation cycles until realizing the most efficient solution. As your partner, BGS will support you in the development process.

Impact of design and materials

Radiation crosslinking has a positive effect on many properties which go beyond the mere mechanical parameters. This should already be taken into consideration in the initial phase of the development of components in order to save materials and avoid an “overengineering” of components or to use fewer costly components, which would be out of the question without radiation crosslinking. Other options are, for example, the integration of metal parts or electrical components. Our experts will be pleased to advise you about any issues related to important energy-saving potentials and about optimizing the benefits of radiation crosslinking.

Production and logistics

Some of the raw materials that are used for radiation crosslinking require adjustments in the processing to achieve the best possible results. We will assist you to organise the outsourced processing step of radiation crosslinking in a robust and error-tolerant manner by identifying any possible risks in your process at an early stage. BGS uses a modern ERP software to ensure smooth and high standards of processing. This requires a certain degree of foresighted planning. You will benefit from the fast processing and special treatment of sensitive products. If you have any questions about our service portfolio and costs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Choice of packaging

The choice of the right packaging schemes and packaging materials may have a major impact on the efficiency of the radiation and the processing in our plants. A suitable density of the packaging scheme must be taken into account in order to ensure uniform radiation as well as the efficiency of the process. We constantly thrive to guarantee you the highest possible flexibility of packaging for delivery. However, there are certain requirements stipulated by our automated radiation plants regarding the packaging of products and the form of delivery along with the final processing efforts and the costs incurred. We are able to process various product carriers, for example, cardboard boxes on pallets, bulk goods in carrier systems or special containers for large products. Our experts will be happy to advise you about the choice of the most cost-efficient packages and form of delivery.

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