About us

BGS – The market leader and irradiation expert introduces itself

Since its foundation in 1981, BGS has been one of the pioneers in the treatment with accelerated electrons (beta rays) and gamma rays. Like no other in Europe, the company masters the sophisticated processes used in the processing of plastics and sterilization of products such as medical products. BGS has coined and co-developed groundbreaking methods which are technological standard of today. Due to continuous growth, the independent and medium-sized company has developed into Germany’s largest provider of radiation services.

For you, this means: flexibility in the order organisation, reliability in the handling and a comprehensive range of full service offerings.

The quality and safety requirements for products increase continually. BGS offers tailored solutions in the precise application of beta or gamma radiation for various branches in the industry. With this processing step, we generate new fields of application, create cost-saving potentials in the product manufacturing and thus become a decisive part of your value added chain.

Thanks to state-of-the art process technology and IT systems, we are able to provide highest standards of quality – without losing the flexibility for individual solutions. The plants at our three locations are configured differently in order to handle a wide range of products and satisfy various customer wishes. Nevertheless, the “principle of redundancy” applies: Each location is able to take over the processes of the other locations. In this way, BGS significantly contributes to the failsafe reliability in the production.

Safety takes priority at BGS

The radiation used by BGS is a form of energy. High-energy radiation optimizes the properties of a wide range of products. For physical reasons, the irradiated products themselves cannot become radioactive. In addition, the process runs without the use of chemicals or leaving residues. Inside the plants themselves, radiation is completely shielded by multi-level safety systems so that our employees are never exposed to radiation.

Nearby to you and your customers: Three BGS locations in Germany

BGS operates at three locations in Germany:

  • Wiehl: Head office near Gummersbach/Cologne
  • Bruchsal: near Karlsuhe
  • Saal an der Donau: near Regensburg

BGS ensures proximity to you and your customers through its regional diversification. This offers advantages, not only for your logistics: BGS is “close” to your products and needs!

Interesting facts at a glance

  • Foundation of the company in 1981, private ownership structure
  • 8 eBeam units from 0.5 to 10 MeV
  • Largest handling system worldwide for eBeam treatment of products up to 12 x 1.6 m
  • 5 MCi Cobalt-60 gamma plant in Wiehl and 6 MCi Cobalt-60 gamma plant in Bruchsal
  • Irradiation of more than 300,000 pallets with packed products per year
  • Crosslinking of more than  200 million m coiled products per year
  • Excellent reachability within Germany and from neighbouring countries
  • More than 400 customers from 20 countries
  • Less than 5 days’ average processing time of your products from receipt of delivery up to the dispatch of delivery
  • State-of-the-art ERP system for optimizing processes and the connection to our customers
  • Over 190 employees at 3 locations