Mission & vision


We render products safe and efficient with the energy of ionizing rays.


We are the preferred partner for the optimization and destruction of harmful microorganisms using ionizing rays.

We offer our customers the best possible solution for their needs. Optimal and customer-oriented processes as well as highest standards of our services regarding quality, reliability and innovation characterize our working methods.


We expect above-average commitment from our employees in order to provide excellent services to our customers. The greatest potential of BGS lies in the motivation, knowledge and skills of our employees. We want to implement and further develop this potential for our company in the best possible manner. For this purpose, we create a learning culture with open and constructive communication, in order to generate room for development within the organization and for the individual.


We create an environment where our employees are encouraged to assume responsibility for the areas entrusted to them. We expect our employees to show mutual respect and be reliable and committed in their daily work, as this is the basis for mutual trust and efficient cooperation. Close partnership relations with our customers form the basis for our compliance with the growing performance and safety requirements of products. This cooperation is the prerequisite for innovation and the development of new areas of application. The responsibility for our employees and our environment plays an important role for us as a company.


As a partner for our customers, we use our competence and expertise at all times to improve the safety of applications and reliability of services. The senior management ensures a climate of dialogue and organizational conditions in which all employees are able to contribute suggestions for improvements and constructive criticism. The members of management in cooperation with the employees are responsible for ensuring appropriate framework conditions for their mutual work. Since we provide services to critical industries, such as the health care industry, we have high requirements regarding the reliability of our processes. Within these limits, we try, as partners, to be as flexible as possible and serve our customers in the most optimal way. The continuous optimization as part of quality management avoids errors and complaints. In addition, cost-optimized, resource-saving processes are thus created which secure the economic success of the company.


We optimally use the possibilities available to us, in order to provide innovative technologies and services which make life safer and help to protect resources. Close cooperation with our customers is the prerequisite for innovation and development of new areas of application.