Transport & Logistics

Whatever is your product, you always need to satisfy your customers’ expectations of quality, safety and reliability. To help you attain these objectives BGS, with its cost-efficient, environmentally friendly service, fits seamlessly into your delivery process. You send us your goods for irradiation. They then go on directly to their ultimate destination, without any more stops along the way. Our documented quality gives you certified safety. We can simplify your logistics – just ask us.

On leaving BGS, the goods go straight on to their destination:

  • in the same form in which they were delivered to us

Goods for irradiation can be delivered to us in most standardized industrial forms

  • wound on drums as continuous products (flange diameter up to 3.20 m, weight up to 5,000 kg, product ‘u-turn’ bend radius up to 0.90 m)
  • bulk goods in containers or mesh boxes
  • packed on pallets: e. g. in cardboard boxes, sacks, barrels, big-bags or racks, maximum height 1.90 m up to 750 kg on Euro palettes (120 x 100 cm)
  • as pieces or bundles up to 12 meters in length

For special forms please consult our specialists. For cost-effectiveness, it should always be considered to utilise delivery forms suitable for automated processing.

Delivery/collection to/from BGS:

Goods can be received and collected Monday to Friday, 7:00 h to 17:00 h.