Technical brochure radiation sterilization

Technical brochure radiation sterilization: Product safety as a final step in production

Sterilization of medical devices, primary pharmaceutical packaging or biotechnology products always requires a separate step in the manufacturing process to ensure a sterile condition. Radiation sterilization is one of the most important industrial sterilization processes.

Through irradiation with gamma and electron beams, pathogenic germs on the products are destroyed quickly, safely and in an environmentally friendly manner. Only after this process are these products safe for use on humans.

Here you can download our current technical brochure free of charge and learn in it,

  • how the technology and process of radiation sterilization works,
  • the advantages over other sterilization processes such as ethylene oxide gas (EtO) and X-ray radiation (X-Ray),
  • which steps of the upstream validation are necessary and how they proceed,
  • the material behaviour towards irradiation of individual polymers,
  • how the irradiation service can be integrated into the logistics chain of our customers.





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