BGS expanding during pandemic

BGS expanding during pandemic

Wiehl, 23 March 2021 – BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG continues its expansion: In particular, the pandemic-related rise in demand for sterilization capacities for biotechnological products and pharmaceutical primary packaging material ensured sound revenue increases. Only last year in 2020 did BGS invest eleven million euros in the expansion of its facilities and locations. This year sees further investments in the mid-seven-digit range.

Health protection through sterile products: With the sterilization, for example, of medical disposables such as catheters or laboratory consumables, BGS provides a systemically relevant service not only in the pandemic. “Sterilization with rays is generally an indispensable method of producing sterile products for health care. In the past year, we were also able to record a significant surge in demand for biotechnology products, consumables for laboratories and primary packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry,” explains Managing Director of BGS, Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki.

In addition, the stable development in the construction industry resulted in a slight increase of sales in the other business division, namely radiation crosslinking of plastics: “With the help of radiation crosslinking of tube and rod products to name a couple of examples, we ensure the usage properties of systems implemented in new buildings or renovation projects,” declares Ostrowicki. The high degree of material stability of crosslinked plastics is especially relevant for lightweight construction in the field of electromobility. BGS expects an increasing demand this year for radiation crosslinked components in the automotive industry.

Investments in expansion of capacities

In order to cater to the increased demand especially in the area of sterilization, BGS invested in the expansion of its capacities last year. “Our goal is to ensure long-term supply for our customers in the future. With this in mind, we have invested approximately eleven million euros in the expansion of our facilities and locations,” explains Managing Director Ostrowicki.