BGS: Cooperation with Nordion for new gamma radiation plant

Expansion of sterilization capacities in Bruchsal

Wiehl/Ottawa, May 12, 2016: BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH (BGS) is investing in a new gamma radiation plant in Bruchsal, drawing upon the expertise of Nordion Inc. of Canada. BGS has previously cooperated with the Canadian manufacturer of cobalt-60 and gamma irradiators on the first gamma plant at BGS headquarters in Wiehl 20 years ago. BGS and Nordion have now developed a flexible and efficient gamma plant specifically designed to meet the requirements of BGS and the Bruchsal location.

This new gamma radiation plant means an expansion of capacities for BGS – in particular to meet growing demand from the medical technology and biotech industries in the field of sterilization. Delivery and installation of the new plant is scheduled for Q1 2017, with the start of operation in mid-2017. The medium-sized, family-run company is once again relying on Nordion technology for the new plant. BGS purchased its gamma radiation plant in Wiehl from the Canadian experts in 1997, continuously developing it to meet the company’s requirements. Nordion has also been providing BGS with the cobalt-60 required for the plant for many years. “We congratulate BGS on this important expansion project in the field of gamma radiation services in Germany and are proud to be a part of this project,” says Eric Beers, Sr. Director of Sales and Marketing at Nordion.

Increased demand and sustainable expansion strategy

At maximum utilization, the new gamma radiation plant in Bruchsal has an annual capacity of 80,000 pallets. It was specifically designed based on the experience of both companies to meet BGS’ requirements. The plant is currently in the approval phase and, as things currently stand, should be completed as scheduled. BGS is investing €14 million in the new plant. “For the medical technology and biotech industries – which are particularly significant to Baden-Württemberg as well as to the whole of Germany – having high-quality sterilization services in sufficient capacity is extremely important,” explains Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki, Managing Director of BGS. “The new plant enables us to respond to the rise in demand from our regional customers and further pursue sustainable expansion.”

With gamma radiation technology, pathogenic germs, mold and spores are destroyed without chemical residues, enabling safe, quick and gentle sterilization of medical products, biotech products and pharmaceutical primary packaging. This also applies to packaging in other sectors such as the foodstuffs industry and to raw materials in the fields of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. In order to ensure safe consumption, a broad range of imported consumer goods is irradiated to eliminate harmful germs.

About BGS Beta-Gamma-Service GmbH & Co. KG

BGS is one of the leading service providers in the field of industrial applications of beta and gamma radiation for sterilization and radiation crosslinking. With beta and gamma rays, pathogenic germs are destroyed quickly, safely and in a way that is environmentally friendly. As an industry pioneer, the medium-sized, family-run company has contributed to the development of what have become established methods since 1981. BGS operates one gamma radiation plant and eight electron accelerators at three locations (Wiehl, Bruchsal, Saal). The company employs more than 145 people and is the largest company of its kind in Germany.