Introduction of Cargoclix at the Wiehl site

From 12 June 2023, BGS will implement the online-based time slot planning system Cargoclix for the delivery and collection of goods at the Wiehl site. This was preceded by a one-year usage phase at the Saal site.

Oliver Borsch, the operations manager of the Wiehl site, explains: “The time slot management of Cargoclix has convinced us in the long term at the Saal site, so that a roll-out to the Wiehl site can now be implemented.”

All parties involved benefit from improved plannability of loading and unloading volumes, increased loading performance and transparency regarding free capacities. This is a decisive advantage for the forwarders and also an economic aspect for customers who usually have to pay for waiting times. Due to the introduction of the new system, waiting times for freight forwarders can be reduced by several hours in the future.

BGS customers of the Wiehl location will have the possibility to reserve appointments for deliveries and collections from 12 June onwards. It should be noted that freight forwarders who have not booked a time slot will have to wait for available time slots and should therefore plan for longer waiting times. Booked appointments will be given priority.

Before booking an appointment, it is necessary to set up an account, which only takes a few minutes and is explained in detail by the provider.