BGS Irradiation Service Days 2022: Second virtual trade fair on trends and themes in radiation sterilization and radiation crosslinking

Wiehl, 19 July 2022 – BGS Beta-Gamma-Service extends an invitation to the BGS Irradiation Service Days (ISD) for the second time in a row: On 28 and 29 September, experts will be discussing trends and current themes revolving round the application of electrons and gamma rays for the sterilization of medical devices and products used in biotechnology, as well as for crosslinking plastics. Together with live conferences and discussions, the interactive and virtual fair offers six exhibition halls with guided tours and possibilities for a personal exchange with experts. Participation in the ISDbyBGS is free of charge. Registration is now possible via the event website at 

ISDbyBGS is a two-day virtual event over the course of which more than 20 experts from business, industry, research and associations will be discussing themes from the world of radiation sterilization and radiation crosslinking. The live presentations, interviews and discussion groups conducted in German and partly in English will be complemented by a virtual trade fair at which visitors will find further information and possibilities to download numerous materials in different spaces, and be able to arrange talks with experts. At the first ISDbyBGS 2021, more than 350 experts took part and informed themselves about processes and implementation options using radiation sterilization and radiation crosslinking.

With a focus on the transfer of knowledge, service and support in carrying out sterilization processes, ISDbyBGS will largely be addressing a professional audience from the field of medicine technology, in-vitro diagnostics and the biotechnology industry on 28 September. On 29 September, we invite experts, in particular from the automotive industry, machine construction and cable and pipe sector, to exchange ideas on the potential of radiation crosslinking, for example, for e-mobility, 3-D printing or for bio-based plastics, and to find out more about recycling of crosslinked polyamides.

Virtual guided tours and exclusive white papers as trade fair highlights
Numerous videos, graphics and brochures are available during the virtual fair as well as for downloading by all participants free of charge. Another highlight are the live guided virtual tours at our BGS location in Bruchsal.

BGS ISD 2022: Register now free of charge!
Wednesday, 28 Sept. 2022

9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Trends and current themes on radiation sterilizationRegistration:
radiation sterilization
Thursday, 29 Sept. 2022

9:00 a.m. – 3:20 p.m.

Trends and current themes on radiation crosslinkingRegistration:
radiation crosslinking