Everything at one location: BGS is centralising its order processing at the company’s headquarters in Wiehl.

BGS has been a leading service provider in the area of industrial applications of beta and gamma rays for many years and it continues its steady expansion course. This also means that processes are regularly reviewed and continually optimised – especially for our customers. Apart from reliability and flexibility in the processing of orders, it is important to have constant contact persons – across all our locations.

As a result, BGS is further consolidating its administrative order processing. At our plant in Bruchsal, we have already completed this step successfully starting 1 November 2018. We are now taking the next step and shifting the administrative processing of orders from our location in Saal a.d. Donau to our headquarters in Wiehl.

The centralisation will take place on 1 April 2020.
The processing of all customer orders, coordination of dates, invoicing, as well as customer service will be exclusively controlled from the company’s headquarters as of this date, irrespective of the location where the goods are irradiated.

We have informed our customers by post in calendar week 7 about the centralisation of the order processing. We are happy to answer any questions about the changeover under +49 (0)2261 7899-0.