The most beautiful Christmas card comes from Wiehl: Primary school pupils design Christmas post for BGS

For the second-graders of the Wiehl-Marienhagen Primary School Association (GVB), it is a living tradition: for 16 years, they have been painting the annual Christmas card for BGS as part of a fundraising campaign. The most beautiful Christmas picture was chosen this week at the GVB’s Advent carol singing. Managing Director Dr. Andreas Ostrowicki handed over a donation cheque for 1,500 euros to Headmaster Kai Stäpeler.

“Personal contact and a close partnership with our customers, but also with our immediate region, is very important to us. We are therefore delighted every year with the many creative Christmas pictures from the second classes of the Wiehl-Marienhagen primary school. The best picture traditionally adorns our Christmas card, which we send to our customers and partners internationally,” explains Ostrowicki.

Choosing the best three pictures was not easy this year either. Ronja (7), Anna (7) and David (8) from classes 2a and 2c were lucky and received book vouchers. Their pictures were the most popular of the 72 submitted.

The annual fundraising campaign has been organized jointly by BGS Beta-Gamma-Service and GVB Wiehl-Marienhagen since 2008. This year, head teacher Kai Stäpeler plans to use the donation for the sports hall and new play equipment.